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Humming Grammy's

Humming Mom’s Hummingbird Flower Design Feeder

Humming Mom’s Hummingbird Flower Design Feeder

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Do you love Humming Birds? 

Do you love Humming Birds? 

So do we! 

As a kid, my mom would always have hummingbird feeders in her backyard, and the thrill of viewing these marvelous creatures was always unmatched. To this day, I still get the rush of seeing hummingbirds. It brings back child-hood memories that Im sure you can relate to. 

And you know whats even better? 

Knowing that this feeder can provide the birds with safe, reliable nectar is something we take a lot of pride in. Not only does this feeder attract hummingbirds, but it also attracts bees which are absolutely crucial to the success of any garden. 

Now a ‘days, instead of running to get my mom when I see a cool hummingbird, I snap pics with my phone and message her. In honor of my amazing mother sharing her awesome bird hobby with me, we named the brand Humming Mom’s (after my mother) and are excited to help you create exciting bird memories! 

Buy yours today before theyre gone!! 

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We care about our environment! Our products are all vegan
and cruelty free. 


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