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Super Console X Cube Pre-load 6200+ PS1 PSP N64 DC Games

Super Console X Cube Pre-load 6200+ PS1 PSP N64 DC Games

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1. Classic yet modern look. Plug and play. Built-in 49000 to 62000 games, support add and delete games by yourself.

2. Open source system, you can customize the buttons and add more simulators.

(Tips: To add simulation you need to have some technical knowledge)

3. The game system supports 26 languages, easy to save/load game and cheat function.

4. HD output, HDMI-compatible output to TV, monitor and projector.

5. With 4 USB ports, support up to 4 people to play.

(Tips: There are different versions, you can choose 2 controllers or 4 controllers according to your needs)

6. Excellent software and hardware, EE game system, S905 chip.

7. We will send the free correct Plug Adapter suitable for your country.

✮Built-in 49000-62000 Retro Games

We have SD cards with three specifications of 256G, with 62000 games respectively.


Built-in 50+ emulators, super console x cube can run PS1/PSP/N64/DC/NES/C64/MAME, etc. smoothly.

✮Can Save & Load Game State

The super console x cube supports saving the game progress and recalling the game progress at any time. It is not difficult for the game to pass.

✮Support To Add Games By Yourself

Step1:Connect the card to the computer with a card reader.
▪Step2:Find the date mobile hard disk and open the ROMS folder
▪Step3:Copy the downloaded games to the corresponding emulator file in the ROMS folder
▪Step4:Find the game and play the game

✮Support HD Output

HDMI-compatible, support 4K HD output, up to 720/1080P, better gaming experience

✮Support Multiple Languages

Super console x cube supports more than 20 languages, such as English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, etc. Don't worry about language barriers, you can freely switch the languages you are familiar with in the system.

✮Multiplayer Game

Super Console x Cube supports up to 4 people to play the game at the same time. You can enjoy the game with your family and friends.

✮Compatible With Multiple Devices

The super console x cube is compatible with a variety of display devices. You can connect it to a TV, projector or computer screen to play games on a variety of devices.

✮Open Source System, Powerful Chip

Equipped with an upgraded S905M chip, this chip is more powerful than RK3326, with a 4-core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU, a 5-core Mali-450 graphics processor, and the open-source system supports adding games by yourself.


The multi-hole heat dissipation design keeps calm even in the hot summer and ensures the smooth running of the game.

✮Wireless Gamepad

Comes with two wireless controllers and a control distance of 8 meters, allowing you to play more freely.

✮Support a Variety of Plug Specifications

We will send a suitable power plug according to your country.

✮Portable Design

Petite size, portable design, play games anytime, anywhere.

Super Console X Pro with 50000+Games

Super console x pro has Android TV system and EmuELEC game system, TV&Game all in one, built-in 50000+ games, can perfectly run PSP/PS1/N64/DC, etc.

1. Can this game console run PSP/PS1 games smoothly?

This game console is equipped with an upgraded S905M chip, which is more powerful than RK3326. It has a 4-core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU, a 5-core Mali-450 graphics processor, supports 50+ emulators, and can run 64-bit games smoothly.

2. Is the output image of this game console clear?

super console x supports HD and AV output, the output picture pixel is 1080p/720p, can be connected to display screens, projectors, TVs and other equipment, the large screen is more clear.

3. Is this game console suitable for playing with family and friends?
super console x supports 1-5 people to play games together, suitable for you to play with friends and family.

4. Can I add my favorite games to this game console?
super console x Free 64G card, built-in 33000+ games, open source system supports you to add more games.


We care about our environment! Our products are all vegan
and cruelty free. 


Ships ASAP! You should recieve within 3-6 business days

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